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  Welcome to Lila Polymers
  We are your dependable partner and a reliable source of market intelligence, superior service, and enduring trust.
  A dedicated "International Trading, Distributing and Indenting House" for all polymers trade. We possess rich domain experience and intimate knowledge of International and Local Polymer markets. We fulfill your Import/Export needs, provide consulting and marketing services, enable forward integration, and create distribution channels and trading networks for your business.

Having a strong distributing network in India and established stock point/Warehouse in Maharashtra and Gujarat (Western Zone), Delhi ( Northern zone) and Chennai (Southern Zone).
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Lila Polymers combines domain expertise and best business practices - with knowledge management and high ethical standards. We have set an industry benchmark in service quality and value creation for our customers who have patronized us with their trust and loyalty.
  New Division of Engineering Plastics, PET and Petrochemicals
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